About Us

Velocity Trade Exchange is a membership-based “barter network” in the Triad, dedicated to helping small to medium-sized businesses increase their profitability and improve their cash flow.

While we accomplish this through bartering, it is different from the traditional barter arrangement because our members do not trade directly with each other on a one-on-one basis. Instead, each transaction is processed electronically at the time of the sale, where members accept payment in the form of “trade dollars,” or a combination of trade dollars & cash.

Much like using a debit card, trade dollars are easily paid from the buyer’s “bank” account and are immediately transferred to the seller’s “bank” account. The seller can then use the trade dollars they’ve earned to purchase goods and services from any of the other members in the network.

As you can see, through the Velocity system, each member can leverage the power of barter to get new clients by incentivizing potential buyers to choose them (because buyers can get what they need with less cash out of pocket). The seller still makes the same profit margin per transaction as they do with their cash customers; they’re just accepting a different form of currency. As members add VTE trade clients, they also expand potential referral base.

Members are also able to get started right away with a Velocity trade dollar credit line, giving them immediate buying power to purchase the goods and services they need with minimal cash out of pocket.

We handle all of the recordkeeping; but more importantly, we actively help each member make their membership work for them in the easiest, most efficient, and cost-effective way so they can focus their energies on expanding their business. We provide our members with the velocity needed to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.